About Us

Purpose: The Young Professionals of Parma is a network of community-minded individuals striving toward the enhancement of the Greater Parma area. The group provides civic, philanthropic and social opportunities, while supporting and fostering local businesses. Its goal is to promote positivity and city pride.

*We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We are a passionate group of young professionals living, working, having fun and helping to improve Parma. Our mission is to strengthen the community of Parma through networking, activism and local pride.

Parma’s cool, really. Let us show you why.

Parma has potential to grow, but it needs the support of the next generation.

Parma is the seventh largest city in Ohio, and Cleveland’s largest suburb. But with 80,000 people it can often be disconnected. Parma is unfortunately often stereotyped or forgotten as a viable option for young professionals to live and work.

Other areas like Tremont, Lakewood, Ohio City and Gordon Square have been revived by art, business, young professionals and other factors. We feel Parma can and will follow, but it needs our support to do so.

Parma has a lot of untapped talent. As one generation moves on, new ideas will bring positive changes to the city.

That’s why we founded this group.

We found there were actually a lot of people in their 20s and 30s who shared our love of Parma and passion for its future. Whether you’re from Parma, currently live there or are curious about learning more, we encourage you to engage with us on social media, or better yet attend an event and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you!

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Core Values
Our core values are truly the heart of who we are as residents of Parma. By understanding these tenets, you can learn more about our goals and ambitions. Our organization looks to these core values as inspiration for its decisions and actions.

Local Pride. The first step to improvement is adopting a positive perspective.

Diversity. Celebrating the mix of culture within Parma.

Innovation. Driving positive community change with novel ideas and technology.

Excellence. We achieve ambitious goals by challenging ourselves to always improve.

Community Support. Buy local. Live local.

Civic Duty. The more people who pitch in the more the community benefits.