About Us

We are a passionate group of young professionals living, working, having fun, and helping to improve Parma.

Mission Statement

Strengthening the community of Parma through networking, advocacy and local pride.


About Us

Young Professionals of Parma started with a simple idea: Parma has a great deal of untapped talent.

As the seventh largest city in Ohio, Parma’s population is diverse but disconnected. We recognize the need for community development and aim to bridge the information, social, and technical gaps separating its talented & motivated residents. Young Professionals of Parma wants to build itself into an organization that puts the community first and delivers results.

Our goal is to serve as the go-to for Parma’s greatest needs: community information, social activities, networking, and urban improvement.

In July of 2016, Jackie Baraona and her husband Bill started our group to meet these needs. It began as a series of curious observations. “I would see young people shopping at Target or walking a dog or baby stroller down the street, so I knew they were there,” said Jackie, “I just didn’t know how to connect with them.”

This is just the beginning. You, dear Parma residents, helped get a much-needed movement off the ground, and our goal is to continue this trajectory until we’ve mastered the art of connecting residents and delivering initiatives to improve our city for all its citizens.

No longer are we the butt of Big Chuck and Lil’ John jokes. We are a city, a large one, demanding our identity and seeking to preserve and improve what makes us a great place to call home. So please come see us at our social events. Sign up for our newsletter. Sign up for a committee. The more people who pitch in, the more the community benefits.

Welcome to the movement. Welcome to Parma.

Check out our Core Values. Join us for an event. Stay up to date.