While areas like Lakewood, Tremont and Ohio City are popular for people in their 20s and 30s to live, Parma has its own appeal for young professionals. Here’s why.

Parma is full of small businesses and mom and pop shops, with plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business away from the competition in Cleveland and other neighborhoods. Parma’s Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for businesses and one of the most affordable around. Parma also has larger employers like Parma Hospital.

I started my business here, Parma Armory. It has been a major success; I would encourage more young entrepreneurs to come make Parma great.” -Rob

Parma has plentiful, affordable housing. Whether you’re looking for a small starter home, something with some historic charm, want to live near the metroparks or even the water (Yes, Parma has a lake!), Parma is large and diverse enough to accommodate all tastes and budgets.

“Parma is affordable in terms of the size and quality of house you get for the money, in a great location. We live in a house built in the 30s with all the character and charm you can ask for. Parma Circle is a beautiful, safe, walk-able area of Parma.” -Jared

Im on a main road and I work out of my garage. My driveway is big enough for visitors to come and even turn around. The house came with a 2.5 car garage and sits on an acre, so I can expand my workspace. Nick

Parma has air conditioning. This may sound silly, but how often have you had a friend or coworker living in some of the older apartment buildings and houses in other neighborhoods complain how it was so hot the night before that they couldn’t sleep? In a world of global warming, Parma values its AC.

Parma’s in a great location. You hear all about the East Side and West Side, but Parmidians know the South Side is where it’s at. Highways 480, 77, 71 and 176 all have exits near or in Parma. It’s easy enough to get downtown for work or for fun. Parma’s also only a few miles from the Cleveland airport.

Parma has great people and nice neighbors. There’s always someone to send you a smile or help you out.

“My neighbors are very friendly, and we all watch out for each other.” -Nick

“Neighbors talk to each other and friendships are formed.” -Sandy


Parma has cheap drinks and delicious eats. Grabbing a drink at a bar in Parma won’t break the bank, unlike many other trendier locations. Parma also has tons of restaurants. Yes, some have pierogies but there are plenty of other international selections.

Parma is safe. While you may not feel comfortable walking your dog or running alone down some of the streets in other neighborhoods, Parma was recently named one of the safest cities in Ohio.

Parma has personality. Whether it’s pink flamingo or Polish pride, Parma has great history and culture.

I’ve long said Parma should play up its ‘authenticity.’ It has history and culture and great pre-war houses, not so unlike Ohio City, Tremont and St Clair-Superior. And the houses and neighborhoods are far cooler than the pre-fab mansions of some of the more Southern suburbs.” Laura

Parma has a Young Professionals group. YP passion for Parma is so strong that there’s a group specifically targeted toward people in their 20s and 30s (though it doesn’t ID at the door). YPOP hosts monthly social events, along with volunteer and professional development opportunities. And you don’t have to live or work in Parma to attend! There are many other city organizations that could use the energy and new ideas of YPs too. If you’re looking to get involved and make a difference, look no further than Parma.

“There’s so much to get involved in like YPOP, rotary and the chamber. So many community organizations!” -Leah

Parma’s got suburban appeal. While other neighborhoods may not have basic food and retail shopping for miles, Parma’s got everything you need, on top of a golf course, skating rink, 100 acres of metroparks and even a working farm.

I like that I can do anything I need to do in Parma. Having a Target alone knocks off like 75% of a to-do list. I can take the baby to play somewhere; I can take the dog to play somewhere; there’s bars and restaurants.” -Jeff

“You can get to pretty much any store within five or ten minutes between the Shoppes at Parma, Southland and Ridge Park Square. And Great Northern, SouthPark, Steelyard, etc. aren’t too much farther. Then there’s smaller shopping areas like Midtown Plaza and Pleasant Valley Shopping Center. I live in the middle of three Giant Eagles. When I lived in Independence, we drove to Parma to do our shopping.Jackie

Parma has great schools. You may have heard otherwise, but Parma citizens were upset with the financial decisions of their school board and responded by electing new representatives in the last election. The silver lining of these issues was how strongly city students and school faculty responded. They confronted the school board with passion and pride. There are many hard working teachers and administrators that are committed to giving students a quality education, athletic and extracurricular experience. All three of Parma’s public high schools have graduation rates above 83%. What can hurt is when young families move elsewhere. Parma’s school system can continue to be great, but only if young families support it.

Parma has great schools. When my kids were younger, we participated in Parma’s Early Childhood PTA, tons of fun for young families!” -Leah

The sports they offer for youth are affordable, so most families can participate.-Melissa

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