Elizabeth Paul is in the middle of her first spring semester at Tri-C.

By Jeremy Jusek

Among the many herculean efforts of the local PTA is their annual Council Scholarship Program, whose private and public partnerships help make more than $80,000 in scholarship funds available to graduating seniors of the Parma City School District. Currently run by Heather Ekechi who helps manage the many local businesses and other generous donors who contribute annually, this program provides valuable support for seniors graduating in our district.

Young Professionals of Parma first contributed $500 to the Scholarship Program last year, and our inaugural scholarship recipient was Elizabeth Paul. We wanted to follow up with Elizabeth and see how she was doing and ask some questions about her freshman year of college.

You’ve been at Tri-C for almost a year now — what is your major, and how have you enjoyed the college experience so far?

I am majoring in Optical Technology at Tri-C. I have found that college has a very doable schedule. I can maintain my schoolwork, job and social life easily. 

Which classes have been your favorite, and why?

Some of my favorite classes have been Art History and Psychology. I love learning about art and different origins. I find learning about the mind and human behavior to be fascinating as well. 

What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to graduate with a degree in Optical Technology, find a successful job and overall live a fulfilled life. 

How have your parents and community helped impact your ability to attend college?

My parents and older brothers were a big part of helping me choose what I wanted to do for college. I was raised in a home where you could pursue anything you wanted with full support. My parents work extremely hard to support three children in college. Their hard work motivates me to become successful. 

What advice would you give to students applying for college right now?

My advice for students applying to college right now is to take the time to find what works for you. Whether that be going out of state for college, or staying right in your hometown, you will find success if you do what YOU want to do.