We put together some fun points any Parmidian will understand.  You know you’re from Parma when…

You, and half of your friends, have worked at Marc’s

You have a pink flamingo in your lawn…and on your white socks…and on your bumper sticker…

Pierogies don’t mean Mrs. T’s

Parmatown mall was where you hung out and did your Christmas shopping

You go to the same neighborhood bar your parents went to, sometimes with your parents…

You’ve been to “Uki” school or know someone who has

There is a pizza shop, ice cream stand, bowling alley and bar within walking distance

A trip to the “grocery” store includes paying $1.50 for a full lunch from the snack bar, which you enjoy while spending 20 minutes browsing the closeouts aisle buying things that aren’t on your list, then saying a quick “Hi” to live parrots before you put a single food item in your cart

You look forward to that dull period between New Year’s and spring break because it’s fish fry season!

There’s a church on every corner. . . right across from a bar

It could be a blizzard and you still wouldn’t get a snow day

You saw Marc Glassman in public and was disappointed that he didn’t have a parrot on his shoulder like in the cartoon

You have three high schools and two libraries

Only the Browns stadium is bigger than your high school football team’s

You drink pop. . . soda doesn’t exist unless it’s orange

You try to get out of Parma, but then end up coming back because you love it

You know that Chuck is big and John is little

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-63qizzJXcQ&w=560&h=315]

You are surprised to learn that not every city has its own golf course, metroparks and skating rink.

You remember sledding down State Road Park hill

You spent Friday nights in junior high ice skating at Forestwood rink

The phrase “lake effect snow” strikes fear in your heart

Friends meet at your house because it’s cheaper to Uber or Lyft downtown

While figuring out what direction you’re heading, you refer to Broadview Road and Pleasant Valley

You STILL can’t figure out where Pearl intersects what street

Every place you shop at is off Ridge Road

You have your own personal freeway downtown


You can live on the same street as someone living in Parma Heights or Seven Hills, then turn the corner and you’re in Parma again

It’s acceptable to drink at family parties, or really at anything

You wish that you could read Ukrainian so you could understand what the heck two-thirds of the businesses on State Road are selling

Many of your friends’ last names end in “ski”

You try a fish fry out of state and are appalled they only serve meatless spaghetti

You spend your summers going church festival hopping

You hit every Berea fairground festival because you’re only 20 minutes away


Your fondest childhood memories were from United Skates, Marc’s Funtime Pizza Palace and Discovery Zone

discovery zone

You go an hour south and people tell you that YOU have an accent

You have been woken up by a marching band at 8:30 a.m. in the middle of summer vacation

The main event of summer is the Rib n Rock

Half your friends went to Catholic school

You know that riding your bike up “The hill” is a great accomplishment

state road hill