IMG_1448When the Cleveland Cavaliers were down 3-1 in last year’s NBA finals, 25-year-old Jordan Nelson wanted to do something big to show his support for his team. Having seen examples of lawn art before, Jordan decided to paint a giant “ALL IN” and basketball on his yard on S. Park Boulevard in Parma. Naturally Jordan and his roommate Giuseppe DelVecchio believed their yard was a good luck charm, seeing as the Cavs made a comeback and won it all!


Jordan and Giuseppe continued their creative streak when the Indians were in the World Series in hopes of rallying together for the Tribe. Unfortunately, the giant Chief Wahoo they painted wasn’t enough to lead the tribe to an overall win.

When it came time for the NBA finals this year, Jordan was receiving a lot of texts and messages from friends and neighbors wondering what he was going to do in the yard this time. The roommates decided to do a giant “Cavaliers” logo with crossed swords.

IMG_1446Young Professionals of Parma president Jackie got the chance to ask Jordan some questions about his spirited front yard.

What lead you to move to Parma in the first place?

I moved here three years ago from Brecksville because the housing was so affordable and also because I saw it as a community on the rise with everything they were doing with the Shoppes of Parma.

Do you enjoy living in Parma?

I do enjoy Parma very much. While it’s a larger community, it still feels small. There are local small business all over, and you can find pretty much everything you’re looking for. Also, at least where I live, it’s very quiet and peaceful and the people are very friendly; and I enjoy that.

How has the community responded to your lawn art?

We received a lot of attention and people really seemed to love it around us. They would drive by, honk, wave, or give a thumbs up. People walking or driving by stop to take pictures — it’s great. It’s awesome to see all the support for our city and teams. 

What do you do for a living?

I am currently a production supervisor, but it has always been my dream and goal to run my own business.

Are you an artist outside of the lawn art?

I was never super into art before this, unless you count photography. I always enjoyed looking at art but never really considered myself artistic.

Do you do this as a service for other people?

While I was doing this last one I was actually approached by the local ice cream truck driver. She took down my name and number because a friend of hers is super into the Cavs and wanted something like that done to their yard. When I started I never thought about doing it as a service but with the growing popularity I would be more than happy to create a service for painting peoples’ lawns. People can reach me at for inquiries.

If you could do a Parma-themed lawn art, what would it be?

I’m not too familiar with the history of Parma, but I know it’s quite ethnically diverse so I would probably do something that associates with that. Or I might do the old Parmatown mall logo. I remember going to Parmatown all the time in my teens, and the logo just sticks out to me.

* * *

Will the lawn art of these super fans be the luck charm the Cavs need to gain some wins and win the championship again this year? At least we know the people of Parma are All In!


Photo credit: Jordan Nelson and Giuseppe DelVecchio


Post authored by Jackie Baraona.