Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 7.02.51 PMHave you noticed that bright yellow sign on Broadview? We caught up with Brittany Quintana, the owner of Yellow Brick Studio to learn more about the yoga space and what it has to offer.

Tell me a little about you and your background and why you decided to open Yellow Brick Studio

I’m equal parts mama, wife, realtor and yogi. When I think back, I guess I’ve always practiced yoga, even before I knew that it was yoga. As a little girl I would roll around on the floor, intuitively exploring the edges of deep stretches and movement. Then as time went on and life continued to happen, I found myself too tired, or too busy, or having too many kid obligations or too much work. I stopped the intuitive movement that really helped ground me. I started to just go through the motions and never really prioritizing myself.

About 8 years ago I found my yoga practice and it was like going home to myself again. I know it may sound cliche but I truly was brought back to the energy and grounding that I was so desperately missing. I was led to teach right away and completed my yoga teacher training in February of 2015. I always knew I wanted to open a studio one day and it was divinely aligned when this opportunity presented itself!

Why did you choose to have your business in Parma? 

I was born and raised in Cleveland so I would spend my weekends at Parmatown Mall or watching movies at the old Parma movie theater. I knew that I wanted to open the studio in an area that I had some history in; one that felt familiar. I love that Parma has such a warm community feel. There are a lot of new shops popping up all throughout the city and a trendy shift happening. I’m happy that Yellow Brick Studio is apart of the cool vibe Parma has to offer!

How is your yoga studio unique?

Yellow Brick is such a magical place! The energy and overall feel is so powerful because of all the healing and transforming that happens in this space. Our yoga is so eclectic, raw and without judgment or expectations. Our mission is rooted in “yoga for everybody and every body!” We encourage everyone to explore the practice and all of its amazing benefits. We offer a variety of beginner courses and educational workshops surrounding all things yoga, moon magic and energetic healing.

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What’s the story behind the name Yellow Brick?

When I was scoping out the property I remember seeing a stoop with yellow painted bricks beneath the door. They gave me a weird sense of nostalgia from an alley where I grew up that had very similar, yellow painted blocks. Also, yellow is the color represented by the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the third energy center of the body that governs self worth, value and life purpose. It supports the energy of taking control and designing your life. Bricks are building blocks for a sturdy, stable and well designed foundation. Each brick intentionally laid and working together to form a foundation of truth and integrity. Both, designing your purposeful life and doing with a solid foundation are deeply rooted in our values and mission for the studio.

If someone is new to yoga or your studio what’s a good way to try it out? 

We offer a number of beginner-friendly classes including the Saturday morning “Grand Rising Flow” at 9am. This is an energetic Slow Flow linking the movement to the breath. We encourage you to listen to your body and find what feels good with some organic movement. We provide a safe place to explore your practice and offer several variations and props as needed. We aim to honor you throughout all the phases of your practice and celebrate your growth!

We have other beginner friendly classes and special workshops that pop up regularly! Check out our weekly schedule and class descriptions. All weekly classes are only $10 to drop in. We have mats and props available at the studio free of charge if needed.

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What other kinds of events/opportunities do you offer besides yoga? 

One of my most favorite things is our event and workshop calendar. We provide so many magical experiences including monthly Full Moon Flows, kid’s yoga classes, healing sound baths, Cacao ceremonies, private parties for birthdays/baby showers/etc, women’s networking events, couples yoga, Thai massage, psychic events and so much more!

We have our women’s networking event February 28. In March we have the Full Moon Flow, a 90-min 90’s yoga Flow, Glow in Dark Buti Yoga and our first ever Yellow Brick Studio Book Club meeting! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up on all our offerings!