jim szudyPhotographer Jim Szudy was born and raised in Parma and has noted the gradual and impressive changes not only in Cleveland, but the surrounding cities and towns. He enjoys taking spontaneous photography as he walks, bikes and skates around the city.

“Parma is much more than cathedrals, bakeries, pizza parlors, bars and bowling alleys,” Szudy says. “To me, Parma is a feeling; a rustic and polished beauty that I try to capture in my pictures of this great city. No matter where my travels take me, I always have some reminder of Parma in my heart and mind. If you leave Parma during your lifetime, the time you spent in Parma remains with you for life.”

Szudy has allowed us to share some of his work below for you to enjoy! He offers prints of his local photos. You can contact him for more information at 440photocle@gmail.com.