Mark Casselberry is currently serving his 5th term as a Parma city councilman. We connected with him to find out more. Read his answers below!

What made you interested in joining Parma City Council?

I have enjoyed following politics from a young age, whether it was local or national. That being said, I did not necessarily envision myself running for office.  I volunteered for a couple of  local campaigns over the years and one of the candidates was the first person to encourage me to run for office.

What is some of the council work you’re involved in that you’re especially excited about right now?
I have one project the really stands out at the moment. Many of our long-time residents can remember the beautiful flowering trees lining West 54th Street. Over the last several years those trees have begun to die off. With the help of  our Community Development Director Erik Tollerup and City Council we will soon be restoring those trees to their former glory. We will be removing 58 trees between Bradley Avenue and Hollywood Drive. The stumps will also be ground down and new trees will be planted on West 54th in the Spring of 2022. 

Are you from Parma? What do you love about the city?

I am not originally from Parma. I was born and raised in the WestPark Neighborhood of Cleveland. My wife and I  were married in 1998 and purchased our first home in Old Brooklyn.  In 2002 we had the opportunity to buy my wife’s childhood home here in Parma and still reside there today.

One of my favorite things about Parma is it’s small-town feel. I always say that Parma is a very big “small” town. There are so many families and friends that remain connected in the area. People still look out for each other and some of your neighbors feel like family. I have met many couples that are still living in their “starter” homes (because they love the area) 30-50 years after they got married. 

What’s one thing you’d love to be able to bring to Parma or have here?

One thing that I dream about seeing in Parma ( I know it’s a long shot) is an all-purpose, Metroparks-style path that runs from West Creek Reservation down West Ridgewood Drive, all the way to the Shoppes of Parma and possibly connecting with Big Creek Parkway on Stumph road. I think this would make our city much more biker and walker friendly.

What would you say to a YP interested in serving on council someday?

I would first ask them if they are a “people” person and if they get satisfaction from helping people. Second, I would tell them to get involved in their community. We have so many different volunteer opportunities in this city (church groups, food banks, etc.) I would also recommend volunteering to work on a political campaign to learn the ropes.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on council affairs?

When I am not working my day job as an electrician or handling council business, I enjoy many different activities. My wife, daughter and I enjoy biking and running on the streets and in the parks in and around Parma. One of our favorite activities is golfing at Ridgewood Golf Course. My son and I play there often. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place right in the heart of Parma. Our entire family are avid Cleveland sports fans and we try to get together to watch or attend all of the Browns games. We  also volunteer with Rise in Love and the Pantry at All Saints which serves needy people in the Parma area. My family also enjoys following the Young Professionals Holiday Lighting Contest. We put up a large lighting display at our home every year. 

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