Even if you missed our contest this summer, you can still have fun exploring our beautiful city by taking this scavenger hunt any time of the year and share your photos with us in the comments below or on social media with the hashtags #thisisparma and #meetmeinparma! Happy searching! Also check out 50 other things to do in Parma!

  1. These concrete animals used to be inside the old mall, but now you can find them on the lawn outside its former spot.
  2. This steel structure, shipped from NYC, stands outside of the Shoppes to remind us of those who lost their lives in 2001. Find it easily while shopping for clothes and crafts.
  3. If you pass the new Splash pad, you’ll find just behind it is a white garden structure given to the city from those who are proud of Parma. Take a minute to read the plaque.
  4. This educational, working farm sprawls 48-acres in the heart of our city. Stop by to enjoy its antiques, farmers market and animals.
  5. This high school sports stadium is one of the largest you’ll come around, second only to the home of the Browns.
  6. This award-winning system offers much more than paperbacks. Parma’s got two branches. Visit one!
  7. This is the policy center of our city. You may stop inside to get a permit or pay your taxes.
  8. This neighborhood is known for its Tudor houses and brick streets that complete a half of a round shape on either side of Ridge Road.
  9. Did you know that Parma has more than 10 murals? Take the mural tour!
  10. The Parma movie theater stood for nearly 80 years before being torn down. Check out the plaque that commemorates its spot.
  11. Parma’s first fire station was built in 1922, but now hosts the Southwest Italian American Club.
  12. Did you know that Parma has lakes? Find one! (Hint: one is behind Parma’s own hofbrauhaus)
  13. Did you know that Parma has an art gallery? City native Sean Mabin owns the space. He attended the Cleveland Institute of Art. The name of the gallery means Evidence or Foundation in Sanskrit. Visit it!
  14. This city park not only has a small fishing lake, playground, disc golf course and sports fields, but also an important memorial to honor fallen heroes.
  15. This important shelter works hard to take care of our city’s furry friends. Stop by to check it out, learn how you can volunteer or maybe adopt one of its residents who need a home.
  16. These golden domes of a Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral shine iconically above Parma.
  17. This park in Ukrainian Village recognizes the area’s heritage.
  18. This iconic bar and bowling alley with its neon sign dates back to the 30s. It hosts many leagues for kids and adults. Enjoy beer and food while you’re there too.
  19. When it comes to ice cream, Parma’s got no lack of local places serving up the frozen stuff! Visit one!
  20. Even when it’s not packzi season, Parma’s bakeries have plenty of delicious desserts, donuts, breads and more to offer. Stop in one!
  21. Each year more than 12,000 students take courses at Parma’s campus of this community college, which opened in 1966 in the former Crile Veterans Hospital. Check out its Western Campus.
  22. This path in our city’s watershed and reservation park will lead you up to an outstanding “lookout” with a view of the Cleveland skyline. Journey up 1,500 feet to check out Cleveland from the deck!
  23. This script city sign, organized by City Council President Sean Brennan, helps show city pride. Stop by to take a look and take a photo!
  24. From great ground beef to pierogies and other ethnic delicacies, Parma’s got some wonderful local butcher shops that love serving families. Visit one!
  25. It’s true: many of Parma’s local bars do serve craft beer, along with great food at awesome prices. Check out one!
  26. Summertime in Parma means school and church festivals every weekend. Attend one in the summer!
  27. This historic house was one of the first in Parma. German immigrants Philip and Sophia called it home when they moved onto what was then called Town Line Road in the farming community of Parma Township.
  28. From wine shops, to shooting ranges, to boutiques to family fun centers and more, Parma’s local businesses offer lots of summer fun. Stop by one!