Three weeks until Christmas and we’ve already been seeing holiday lights on for weeks. These range from simple white lights along winter ledges, to those classic plastic snowmen and Santas you can see all year round along the walls of Melt Bar and Grilled, to more modern Minions and other inflatable paraphernalia.

Then there are those displays that approach a whole other level of holiday cheer and dazzling designs—the displays that steal your eyes, probably too longfrom the road. The ones that make you say, “Those people should win a prize!”

It turns out the City of Parma thought so too and hosted some holiday lights contests a few years back. While the initiative was fun, issues with voting lead the city to table it.  

Looking for a better solution and fresh approach, the city reached out to the Young Professionals of Parma to lead the contest for this year. Excited by the opportunity, we are leading the contest’s comeback and hopefully attracting more Parmidians to enter than ever. 

We’ve made it easy to enter. If you feel you’re your street’s holiday lights master, send a photo(s) or a video of your display with your name and address to by December 21. 

Entries will be evaluated on a scale from one to ten on coverage, showmanship and originality (download a scorecard). A panel of judges from The Young Professionals of Parma will review the entries and designate 10 finalists, which we will then evaluate in person (we’ll drive past your house, but not in a creepy way) before crowing three Christmas light champions! 

The City has been cool enough to provide gift cards for the three winners. The first place will will receive a $100 gift card to Fast Eddie’s, the second a $75 gift card Antonio’s and the third a $50 gift card to Little Birdie Wine Nest.

You can find more information on the contest here. Can’t wait to see your designs!