Now in her third term (6th year) on Parma City Council, Ward 4 councilwoman Kristin Saban told us more about why she loves Parma and some of the things she’s working on right now. Learn more in her answers below!

What made you interested in being on Parma’s City Council?

I was born, raised, and have always lived in Parma. I attended the former State Rd Elementary, Hillside Middle School, and graduated from Parma Senior High in 1994.

I love my neighborhood and city, so I made the decision to run for council to make a difference. I am raising my son here and I want him to have the same pride as I have when I say that I am from Parma. I want to continue to be a part of moving the city forward.

What is some of the council work you’re involved in that you’re especially excited about right now?

There are many projects that I am excited about that are going to be launching very soon. The Quarry District Committee unfortunately had to be put on the back burner due to Covid, but I am very happy to say this Committee is now ready to get under way. In the Winter of 2020, I worked closely with our Law Department on creating this non-profit committee and the purpose of it will be to bring the residents of the District along with the businesses to brand this area along Broadview Rd., giving it it’s own identity.

I am also currently working on securing another painting project of James Lovell Park. I was able to secure Great Lakes Brewery in 2017, but here we are four years later and the park once again is need of some TLC. This will take place later this fall once the weather cools down.

Another project that I am very proud of is the creation of the Water Summit. Back in 2018, myself along with former Councilman Jeff Crossman came up with a program bringing all of our partners together in one room to present our residents with ongoing projects dealing with NEORSD, Cuyahoga County Public Works, Cleveland Water, and West Creek Conservancy. It is an evening of presentations, along with a Q&A session with our residents. This takes place each spring.

I see that you are the Vice Chair of Environmental Standards. What do in this role and how is Parma working to become greener?

With being on council and also Vice Chair, I have a very good working relationship with West Creek Conservancy. We continue to partner on projects throughout the city. I personally enjoy volunteering at the Henninger House, helping with spring cleaning and the planting of bulbs. We have also partnered with them on educating residents on creating rain gardens in their yards, along with rain barrel seminars as well.

What do you love about the city?

I have always lived in Parma and I truly love our city. I feel with being the seventh largest city in the State of Ohio, we still have a sense of small town feels. With having nine wards, it is like having nine small cities within one large city. I absolutely love Ward 4. It lies at the northeast corner of the city and it has tremendous character. The beautiful tress, the older streets and the unique homes all tell a story. I personally live in a 1927 brick tudor on Brookview Blvd.

What would you say to a YP interested in serving on council someday?

If you are vested, passionate, and committed to representing your neighbors, making a difference, and wanting to continue on with helping moving our city forward, I say go for it! For me, I hope to one day hear my son tell my grandkids that their Grandma made a difference in our city.

What do I like to do when I am not working on council affairs?

I love spending time with my husband and son. In the summer months, we enjoy spending our free time up at Cedar Point. With our hectic schedules, it truly gives us the escape that we need to spend some quality time as a family. In the fall and winter months, I love spending time decorating for the holidays, entertaining family and friends.

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