Though you may not realize it, Parma actually has a number of murals showcasing the city’s iconic places and cultural heritage. Take the tour using the map below.

Final map

Also consider stopping for lunch along the way to discover a new restaurant like Little Polish Diner, Sittoos, India’s Cafe and Kitchen, Das Schnitzel Haus, Mely’s Kainan, Seoul Garden, Pappou’s and more.

1. State Meats, 5338 State Rd

state road meats

State Meats has served up Ukrainian sausages and other specialties for more than forty years.  So it seems the perfect place to display a mural welcoming all to Ukrainian Village.

2. Lviv International Food Store, 5689 State Rd

lviv international

Lviv International Food Store is home of delicious European food, drinks and dessert. It’s also home to some beautiful vinyl film wall art, provided by Brunswick company Inflatable Images.

3. 5741 State Rd

parma lock service

The site of the old Parma Lock Service displays another view of Ukraine from Inflatable Images. These vinyl works were paid for with government-issued grants for city improvements.

4. Good Olde Daze, 6001 State Rd

good ol days.JPG

Good Olde Daze has served Parma food and drinks for more than 25 years. Its scene of  the Ukranian city of Lviv is the final piece of the government-funded art on State Road. Former Mayor Dean DePiero said aesthetic improvements such as these capitalize on Parma’s strong ethnic heritage and make the city more attractive to people and businesses.

5. Dry Cleaning Specialties, 6133 Ridge Rd

parma cleaners

See the remnants of one of Parma’s past businesses in this mural on the side of Dry Cleaning Specialties.

6. Colozza’s Bakery, 5880 Ridge Rd

colazzas bakery

Get a taste of Colozza’s Italian roots (in addition to its delicious cakes) with the scene on the side of its bakery.

7. Little Polish Diner, 5772 Ridge Rd

polish diner village

Enjoy the cityscape of Warsaw, Poland while you’re still in Parma on the side of Little Polish Diner. Stop in for some great ethnic food while you’re in the area.

8. 5753 Ridge Rd. (side of Armstrong Air)

tals and armstrong air

See everything that is Parma in one fantastic mural on the side of Armstrong Air, next to Tal’s. Local realtor Holton-Wise hired artist Kim Colarik to paint the mural. She incorporated ideas that Parma residents shared on Facebook into design.

9. 5729 Ridge Rd

homuth food corner of ridge and kenneth

The 2010 demolition of the Parma Recreation bowling Alley (built in the 1940s) exposed this classic mural for the first time in nearly 70 years. It advertises Homuth’s Food and Red the Cleaner with six-character phone numbers, a fun representation of Parma’s past.

10. 5279 Ridge Rd (side of Sleepwell Bedding)

old parma hobby by sleep well store

The old Parma Hobby stays alive, featured along with other Parma icons in this mural. Track Parma’s progression from township to city with the dates at the top.

11. Total Body Image, 5275 Pearl Rd

total body image

You’ll find all four of the earth’s elements beautifully represented in this mural on the last stop of your tour.

12. Final Score Sporting Goods, 5682 State Rd

Final Score has a great mural on the side of its building on State Road.