Rumpke Waste & Recycling took over as waste and recycling service provider for the City of Parma in February.  The new service eliminates the need to separate yard waste and adds weekly bulk pickup for items like mattresses and box springs instead of once a month.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter told the Parma Observer the city is happy to deliver such conveniences residents have wanted.

Here are some other things you need to know about recycling right in Parma.

Important recycling DOs:
• Clean recycling items of any residual product.
• Place caps on containers like water bottles and laundry jugs when possible.
• When it comes to plastic containers, items with caps smaller in diameter than the base (like a soda bottle) are most important. Tubs and fruit and yogurt cups (empty and then reattach lids) are also OK
• When in doubt, place items in the garbage. Don’t “wishcycle.” Many things (like garden hoses) can get caught up in machinery and make matters worse.
• Upholstered furniture and mattresses must be wrapped in sealable plastic
• Milk and juice cartons are OK if you take the caps off
• Glass bottles and jars are a go, keep the lids on
• Non-hazardous cans like tuna cans are great
• Cardboard should be flattened
• Papers can be included or dropped off at the paper recycling dumpster at a local school or church

Important recycling DONTs:
• Don’t include plastic bags, they can get caught up in machinery. Recycle them at a grocery or department store instead.
• Don’t put your recycling in a plastic bag either, throw it in the bin loose.
• Avoid small items that may clog up gears at the sorting facility, even if they may be otherwise recyclable (e.g. bottle caps, plastic caps, small metal items…)
• Don’t worry; just do your best!

Where to dispose of or donate some other items that can’t be recycled:
From electronics to tires and more, the county provides other opportunities to dispose of or recycle many items. Read about them here.

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By: Danny Taylor, YPOP Board Member