YPoP Online Game Night: 
Thursday April 15 @7pm

Most of us are awaiting our second shot, the time to make an appointment, or for our friends to finish up their immunization. And we’re all going crazy, so we imagine some of you might be, too.

That’s why we’re doing a FREE online gaming night on April 15th at 7 PM! The primary game of the night is called Jackbox, a fun mix of trivia and witticisms that are designed to be enjoyed after a glass of beer/wine. You do not have to own the game, a gaming system or need to download anything to participate. All you need is your cell phone and a computer!
Do you own Steam, Overwatch, or some other multiplayer game and want to play that instead? Join up anyway! While we will not be hosting other games, we encourage people to play what they wish. The point of this is event is to spend an evening socializing the best we can while we wait out the last stages of quarantine. So if you’re clamoring for new Civilization 6 or Diablo 3 partners, check us out.
Do you own a copy of Jackbox? We’re still looking for some volunteers willing to host a game!

We will share the link to play close to the event date on this page. Please respond to this event as Going on Facebook if you plan to attend so we can get a head count.
If you have any questions or would like to host a game, please let YP board member Jeremy know at jusek27@gmail.com.