Parma History and Sightseeing Tour

Stearns Homestead 6975 Ridge Rd, Parma, OH, United States

On the road, sightseeing tours offer you a glimpse into a city’s rich history and culture. You get to enjoy the local sites, shops, and mingle with fellow travelers. We do this when we’re traveling, but why not at home? Many of us are looking for those same experiences: a desire to learn about our […]

PEPTalk with Jose Miguel Melendez

Twisted Taino Restaurant 5633 Pearl Road, Parma, OH, United States

YPOP members are invited to attend this exclusive dinner at Twisted Taino Restaurant with the Owner / Executive Chef Jose Miguel Melendez. Ask Chef Melendez any questions you may have about owning and running a small business. Guests are responsible for their own dinner. The event is limited to the first eight members who respond yes […]