Are you passionate about Parma and want to become more engaged with the Young Professionals of Parma? Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization, especially one like ours that thrives on energy and passion for the community. Will you help us blaze a trail in Parma?

We are specifically looking for volunteers to join our various committees. Shoot us an email to let us know which you’d like to participate in!

–The Volunteering/Philanthropy Committee is dedicated to supporting existing local service organizations to improve the quality of life for our residents and to build a stronger, more caring community. We accomplish this by engaging directly with several community service events throughout the year while at the same time, bring awareness to those and other community service opportunities.

The Business Engagement and Outreach Committee is dedicated to creating strong, long-lasting relationships between Parma businesses, the city, and the residents who reside here. We accomplish this by highlighting local business accomplishments and staying in constant communication with the businesses that make Parma great.

–The Political Advocacy Committee is dedicated to creating a strong, positive and transparent relationship with our cities elected officials and Departments . We strive to make the political process accessible and fulfilling through efforts such as voter registration drives, town hall meetings, and city initiatives.

–The Social Events Committee is dedicated to hosting events in the Parma area that highlight local businesses and attractions. It is our hope that through this committee we can improve the quality of life for Parma residents and visitors by showing off places that our amazing city has to offer while providing opportunities to meet new people and be engaged in the community.


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