2019 Holiday Lights Contest

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Are you and your Christmas lights the envy of the neighborhood? Do you begin building blueprints in July — wearing a Santa hat and guzzling bottles of Great Lakes Christmas Ale you stashed under the stairs from the year before? Do you sign up for extra social media accounts to have more places to post pictures and brag about your sweet displays? If so, this contest is for you.

The City of Parma, in conjunction with The Young Professionals of Parma, is hosting its Holiday Lights contest in an effort to honor the city’s Christmas lights champions!

The City will provide gift cards to the four winners:

Category Winners (3)
$50 Gift Card to Chuppa’s
(One winner per category)

Overall Winner
$100 Gift Card to Das Schnitzel Haus
(Excels in all three categories)

Prizes will be awarded at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 21.

SCORING categories
1. Coverage This scores how well the home owners have covered their house/yard with lights and decorations.
2. Showmanship This scores the wow factor of the display — blinking or flashing lights, and items that move or change, or music are some examples. This can also be anything that took obvious forethought and planning, like a theme. This is about the owner’s level of creativity and thinking outside of the box, while still maintaining a holiday feel.
3. Aesthetics This incorporates organization and attention to detail. How neatly placed are all of those lights?

How to Enter
Send photos or a video of your display with your name and address to HolidayLights@ParmaYPs.com by Sunday, December 15.

Ten finalists will be selected among those initial entries. A panel of judges from the Young Professionals of Parma will review finalists in person. The four winning entries will be announced by December 21.

Congrats to last year’s winners!
*Unfortunately houses can’t win two years in a row but we kindly ask last year’s Holiday Lights Masters to share this contest with their family, friends and neighbors!