There’s lots to love about Parma, but here are just a few of the things Mayor Tim DeGeeter loves about the city.

  1. The Mayor loves how passionate Parma’s residents are about their city—all 80,000 of them!


  1. He loves the city’s unique neighborhoods, such as Polish and Ukrainian village.


  1. The Mayor is very proud of the city’s new town center and how the Shoppes at Parma is attracting new business.


  1. The Mayor loves how Parma’s Byers Field is one of the largest stadiums in Northeast Ohio, second only to FirstEnergy (Browns Stadium) in Cleveland.


  1. He thinks it’s cool that Parma has a working farm (Sterns) in the middle of the suburb.


  1. The Watershed Center and the Metroparks


  1. He is very excited about the new splash pad coming to Anthony C. Zielinski Park (formerly Ridgewood Lake park) on Ridgewood Drive across from Parmatown Mall.


  1. He loves the city’s rich history.


  1. The Mayor enjoys going to Indians games and other events downtown since it’s a cheap Uber or Lyft ride from Parma to Cleveland.


  1. The Mayor loved seeing Parma named as an overlooked dream city.


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